by cuddle formation

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the sleep of reason? cuddle formation and the politics of dream pop ::

earthbound exists in a transient space. becoming the first physical release from cuddle formation in the form of a split between noah klein and longtime collaborator dan goldberg, aka the spookfish, earthbound manifests as a remarkable departure deep into what each artist has become known for… aural tales which tease upon greater philosophical narratives. cuddle formation’s a-side is an individual exploration, one that tugs at the intersections of hypermodernity and oral culture through engagement with aspects of prehistoric music. together these four entirely vocal soundscapes develop a working concept on post-apocalyptic music, recalling the importance of participation and accessibility of folk tradition that prevailed before music entertained mass audiences as a classist, agist, gendered, and commodified practice.

recorded at dreamhaus ::
released with patient sounds ::
split with the spookfish ::
stream ::
download the spookfish's side (free) ::

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released September 10, 2013




cuddle formation Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: dreamhaus
i know what i know
and i know that isn't much,
so i learn from my friends
who mean so much.

try to remember those things we shared
taking notes inside my head
and on rainy days while laying in bed
we can talk all over again.
Track Name: lullaby for twenty-somethings
i wish that i was what you wanted from me

sometimes when i walk
down the street
i see nothing

the sun
has burnt my eyes
and i feel like
i'm drowning

but since i'm stuck
i'll do my best
to do

because i love you
and you're amazing
forgive me

i wish that i was what you wanted from me

every person must have a star,
an ideal to which they cling.
the ideal may not be realized today or tomorrow
but you must have an ideal which will carry you forward in life,
to inspire you to do deeds and act.
Track Name: duckfangs tickle my ankles
when the sun flares for too long
you were born to stop it.
if you don't die we're all gonna die
there's no one else who can stop it.

there is no limit to what you'll achieve.
for the world it means everything.
we'll stay here and we'll fight for our lives.
before you leave,
thank you and goodbye.

i think i love you ∞ we're almost there
Track Name: ~*~
we will love each other

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