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by cuddle formation

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a living document of moments
(i'm rlly bad at updating this)


released June 25, 1989




cuddle formation Los Angeles, California




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Track Name: the last weekend of the year (destroy what destroys you)
december28 has come
with nothing to write home about
i think i'll hang out with my friends
and do something that we believe in
distance makes the heart grow fonder
when you forget how to be yourself
actions become that much stronger
sincerity is our new wealth

it's something that is tangible
but i can't hold it in my hands
it proves itself through variables
and challenges to be had
this is just a single battle
in the fight for what is ours
i imagine the brand of this oppression
leaves a killer battle scar
Track Name: life's blood (demo)
holding hands in the rain
reading books in the park on a sunny day
there are no words to explain
what a moment means

these are some of my favorite things

like saying yes to everything
because it's best to be trusting.
late night conversations strangers on the couch
hold the door open for new friends, try to help everybody out.
the world is such a beautiful place
maybe we can be more like that.

these are some of my favorite things
like milkshakes
like riding bikes with you
like wario stadium
like roadtrips
like playing music with my friends
like singing songs that make me smile
Track Name: eek! life (demo)
this summer sure meant a lot
i hope that feeling is mutual
because if it isn't i don't know how i would deal
i guess i'm used to it, it's copacetic
but i believe that this means something
it only takes a seed for a plant to grow
i just want to be a person that i'm proud of
i just want to be the person that you deserve
this time next year i'm telling you
that i'll have done something
if i died now i'm giving nothing to this world
maybe it's not mine to give but ours to make
and that's why i've been feeling so stagnant
stay weird forever
do it together
best friends by default forever and ever
i'm trying not to lose my hope
just tell me it's an awful joke

i just wanna a person that i'm proud of
i just wanna be the person you deserve